Going Gaga over Glass Tiles!

It used to be that the most beautiful and intricate tile designs were cut from various type of stones, such as marble and limestone.  However, thanks to today’s technology, glass is becoming the new marble, and in many ways it is even more breathtaking.  Glass mosaics can be cut in almost any design you can conjure up and they come in what seems like a dizzying selection of colors, shapes, patterns and styles.  More durable and easier to care for then stone, they are becoming an interior designer’s best friend for bathrooms, kitchens, bars, and even pools and hot tubs.  Some glass tiles mimic stone so well, it’s hard to tell which is which.  Almost all tile showrooms today offer beautiful selections of recycled glass tiles as well, making it so easy to be earth friendly.  For more information or to get started on your tile renovation, contact our office today.