The Silk-Tech Collection

Silk-Tech is the culmination of research and development led by Direct Source Packaging for laminate-free packaging products that maintain the graphic quality of laminated bags. Silk-Tech preserves the richness of color, luxurious feel, and crack resistant finish once only afforded by film lamination.

Silk-Tech complies with ordinances in many cities requiring that shopping bags be reusable/recyclable and contain a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content. The beauty of Silk-Tech is its abundant offering of design possibilities. In the past, many luxury retailers were forced to comply with city ordinances for shopping bags by sacrificing the quality of their packaging program. Now with the Silk-Tech Collection, a proprietary product from Direct Source Packaging, your brand can enjoy an entirely new arena of design options that maintain the finest features of your packaging program.


The first product we developed in the Silk-Tech Collection was Ultra Silk-Tech. Ultra Silk-Tech defines luxury. It has both the silky texture and polished appearance that resonates with consumers. Ultra Silk-Tech exceeds the finish of matte film lamination and features optimal scuff-resistance with less finger printing. Ultra Silk-Tech is designed for full coverage areas and perfectly complemented with Spot UV and metallic foil hot stamping.


Our second development in the collection was Silk-Tech. Silk-Tech is luxury at its most versatile, delivering a richness of color that is unattainable on standard offset printed recycled paper. With Silk-Tech, your printed artwork achieves the sleekness and lavish color of coated and laminated bags. Silk-Tech’s premium finish is designed to be scalable by offering greater cost-efficiency.

Silktech 2.0

Despite the amazing accomplishments of these two new products, we did not rest on our laurels. Committed to continuous improvement and innovation, Direct Source Packaging developed Silk-Tech Version 2.0  Version 2.0 bridges the gap between Silk-Tech and Ultra Silk-Tech, increasing the luxurious look and feel while retaining the versatility and cost-efficiency of Silk-Tech.


Silk-Tech Plastic provides a reusable, attractive alternative to the mundane plastic bag. We’ve used heavy-gauge, double-layer construction, so these bags are compliant with bag ordinances in many cities.

The entire range of Silk-Tech collection is available for gift boxes and gift card holders to elegantly complete your packaging program.

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