Sustainability and your brand

Sustainability is the property of a system to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. At Direct Source Packaging, we believe that sustainability is as relevant to the efficiency and success of your packaging program as it is to environmental responsibility. From the creative diversity of bright and bold holiday bags to the longevity and reusability of your everyday retail bag, the tenets of sustainability are integral to how your brand lives in the world.

Why then do so many packaging programs choose one version of sustainability over the other?

At Direct Source Packaging, we deliver engaging, high-quality designs with ordinance compliant credentials. We offer an innovative variety of materials and ideas to assist our customers in developing more environmentally-friendly packaging programs without limiting their image. Elegant and distinct, recyclable and reusable, our bags are the new luxe face of eco-friendly packaging.

We have a wide range of environmental options, and we realize it can be overwhelming to navigate. That’s why Direct Source Packaging acts as both supplier and consultant, examining your needs to help you determine what is best for your project.

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Our paper bags and totes are sturdy for reuse, while our Renew and Silk-Tech lines are the very latest in eco-conscious luxe packaging.

What is best for the environment?

In the United States, recycled content tends to be the most important part of sustainable packaging programs. In Europe, certifications for responsible material production are valued most. Recently, both the US and Europe have also experienced new preferences for reusable bags, especially in the grocery industry. With this diversity of approaches, you may ask, “What is best?” In fact, the best approach depends on your industry, location, and the environmental priorities associated with your brand. These choices are also influenced by ordinances that have been adopted in various municipalities across the United States.

The evolving national standard originated in San Jose, California. The general requirements of that bag ordinance went on to be adopted by other states and municipalities. In general, a paper shopping bag must now be reusable, recyclable, and contain a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content. When these restrictions were first introduced, many brands were required to order two sets of packaging—one with the original designs and image ideals, and a second with compromised designs that fit environmental ordinance standards.

At Direct Source Packaging, we engineer your packaging program so that the sacrifices of the past are no longer necessary. We will work with you to review the packaging options currently available, identify as many potential environmentally-friendly options as possible, and determine which combination of materials and processes will yield an eco-friendly product that doesn’t compromise your brand image. Our bags prove that style and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive.